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hi i have been told i have a 3 cm tumor at the gastric oeophical junction no other places no chemo or radiation needed.surgeon intends to remove lower part of oesephagus and stomarch (gastrectomy)and join my remaining oesophagus to my small intestine.has anyone had this done ?

  • Hi Botany

    As you haven’t had a reply from your posting for a day I have answered to hopefully keep your bit up on the posts and that someone with your type of problem will come forward. Mine was quite high up so surgery wasn’t a consideration and keep hoping that you won’t need any further treatment after the surgery, the main thing you need to do now is make sure you keep your weight up and try and stay as fit as you can because the Surgery I am told really takes it out of you.

    If your food intake starts to be effected prior to the Surgery then talk to the dieticians and the main thing I found don’t be frightened to ask any questions you have when meeting.
    Take care


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  • Hi botany, 

    I had the surgery 3 weeks ago after similar size tumour at the junction but I had half my stomach cut out and the rest pulled up into my chest area to join with my remaining Esophagus.  I was home after 8 days which is pretty good going and my physical strength is getting stronger each day (I was very active prior to the surgery).

    i have found the eating to be a problem since I came home as I’m never hungry and when I eat just a tiny amount I have been feeling either full up have indigestion. It’s early days and I’m told this is usual and I have a follow up on Wednesday with my surgeon so can ask loads of questions. I have lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks but was 3 stone overweight anyway so am glad I wasn’t underweight beforehand!

    It’s strange how the surgeries differ as from what you’ve said it sounds like yours is in a similar place to mine and yet my intestine hasn’t been touched just my stomach and Esophagus.  I was very worried before surgery but the whole process and recovery in hospital was much better than I imagined.

    Good luck with your surgery, do you know when it is yet? 

  • I am due to have it this Saturday. The Surgeon says i have a very large hiatus hernia so he won't need to go into my chest cavity and he intends to remove my stomach to stop the acid.

  • I had my surgery on 2nd July and was released from hospital today Pathological checks of the bits removed indicate the cancer has not spread anywhere. i had an infection scare which required more x-rays and antibiotics but it has apparently cleared up. I was fed through the 'j' tube in hospital supplemented by liquids then baby food which i am still on. I can't eat much at a time but they tell me as the swelling at the join goes down this will change. My weight in and out of hospital has not changed but i am told now i am home to expect to loose about 1Kg a week. I guess time will tell how well the surgery went.

  • Glad you are through the surgery. I feel I have turned a corner now (week 6 post op). Not eating much at a time but eating more often and have more of an appetite.