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My mother (90 years old) has been diagnosed with oesophagael cancer - she has a large tumour which is inoperable. She is having a stent fitted next week. The consultant said the tumour is not going to get smaller but by having a stent fitted she might be able to have a better quality of life. I am worried about the future - what chance has she got of living for another 12 months? 24 months?

  • Hello Royswales100

    Welcome to the forum, I am sorry that it is the diagnosis of OC in your Mother which has brought you here. 

    Your question is justified, but almost impossible answer for those of us here, and I imagine it would be as difficult for the medical team too. 

    This cancer has recently had outstanding advances made in treatment so there is always hope, but there will be things that will need considering, including any previous known long term conditions that Mum has, how fit she is and what will be best for her going forwards. The MDT team will of course look at all of that and offer the best support and treatment to your Mum.

    My husband was diagnosed with OC two years ago, given 4 to 12 months to live, and that was with treatment... he is still here, fighting fit and still undergoing regular treatment. 

    I do wish you Mum the very best of support and hope that there is also support for you at this difficult time.. . one place you might find additional support within this website is in the Family and friends forum. 


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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