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I've recently been diagnosed with esophagus cancer after an endoscopy, CT Scan and Pet Scan due to heartburn and difficulty swallowing. A very confusing 3 weeks of tests and hospital appointments followed, next course of action is chemo then operation followed by more chemo.

Now I feel I'm in limbo waiting to find out when I start chemo.

  • Hello Mags

    I’m in the same boat. I found out on 3/5 and I don’t yet have any dates for treatment. I need to have an endoscopic ultrasound to get more biopsies and have some blood tests for the oncologists to work out which chemo I need. I’m also interested to know roughly how much longer you need to wait.

  • Had the endoscopy late April, CT Scan next day following week PET Scan. Then  seen consultant within a couple of weeks , nurse told me Western Park would be in touch to arrange chemo. Only thing I've had since is an appointment for telephone consultation on 7th June. 

    Orange, I hope all goes well with you.

    Sending love.

  • It can be really confusing as you say. It can be helpful to identify what you want and need to know before your appointments,and to get the answers you need - and to write them down sometimes. Things do change as you go on and what matters is where you are not necessarily where you have been.

    Welcome here, and feel free to seek support. You should receive a lot of support.

    Best wishes.  

  • I hope they have all the answers they need for you on the 7th. It’s not too far away as there’s the bank holiday in between. My nurse said a few weeks wait between the now and the treatment starting won’t make any difference which was comforting.  I’m trying to keep active and fit for the treatment and trying to enjoy life while it’s still relatively normal. It’s hard getting used to the uncertainty and not being able to plan ahead. 
    I’m also going to be having surgery as part of my plan.  X

  • I'm carrying on as normal. I was invited to take part in active together run by Yorkshire Cancer research. Had my evaluation today, very nervous, only excersice I do is walking dog.

    Was nothing to worry about, wasn't anything to strenuous.

  • That’s a good form of exercise, I bet you get your 10000 steps in everyday. I’m also in Yorkshire I wonder if I’ll get invited for that research too ...