New(ish) diagnoses


First time posting

I do not know what I can say or what I want to hear. I have been diagnosed with POesophageal cancer, and was told to day that the degree of spread suggests that neither surgery nor radiotherapy is going to deal with it. Chemotherapy may help to manage it for a time.

As you can  anticipate things have been thrown up in the air.

I think I can only do what I can while I can, and spend the best times with my family. 

  • Hi DSlippy

    Welcome to the Forum, I am so sorry to read about your diagnosis, firstly as frightening as I know this is I want you to know that Chemotherapy has been my Husbands lifesaver...  Diagnosed just over a year ago he was told as you were that neither surgery or radiotherapy was possible. He was placed on palliative chemotherapy, fortnightly. By his second treatment he was already eating sandwiches, which was miraculous considering he hadn't eaten solids in months.... 

    There are many areas on this site that can help you better understand that the standard diagnosis for OC diagnosis is not always correct, many of surpassed those guidelines by many years, and I do hope you can focus on what you can do, whilst you can do... the important thing is to think about living.

    Our blog is HERE if you would like to read our story so far, there are positives and negatives related to cancer, but as far as Dal's OC goes, so far, the story is really positive.

    Wishing you every success, and remember, there are people that you can call on within the Macmillan team, just call the number in my signature strip.


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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