The beginning of our Journey.

Dal had a procedure at the end of February which involved a great deal of pressure on his stomach and for about a week afterwards he was obviously very sore and uncomfortable. By mid March he started to feel uncomfortable eating and by Easter he had only managed to eat one full meal a week. He contacted the GP, as Covid19 demanded that only telephone consultations took place, and a change in medication was suggested, this was on trial for two weeks and the GP was called again.  This time the GP changed the medication again but also suggested a two week urgent referral to the hospital, but with no knowledge due to the current situation of whether the hospital could keep too the two week requirement.

By this time Dal was losing on average 2lb a week. 

One week later, May 4th, Dal came home from work after having a particularly bad day. Unable to swallow properly, pains in his chest and back, really struggling! Dal called 111 and spoke to an adviser who sent the ambulance which transferred him to the hospital. Different types of pain relief were dispensed throughout the evening till eventually he was given a shot of morphine to reduce the pain and to lower his blood pressure, which by now was dangerously high. 

After an Xray and Blood Tests, they kept him in overnight.