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Hi everybody,

I’m new to this forum. I hope you don’t mind me asking a question on behalf of my dad. He has had the pre-op chemo and is waiting for a date for his operation, probably at St Thomas’s in London. There was a pencilled in date for the 11th July (this was pencilled in at the beginning of FLOT), but now he has finished the chemo he hasn’t heard anything about the operation.

Who should he talk to about this do you think? He has a named nurse at St Thomas’s, but she hasn’t got back to him. It’s only really two weeks away, so naturally everybody is getting a bit nervous! We are also aware there has been the cyber attack in London that might have affected things.

How much prep time did you have for the operation? 

many thanks!

  • Hasn't he had any meetings or tests since his last chemo session? If not he's highly unlikely to go straight to the operation.

    In normal circumstances he'd be having a CT/PET scan a couple of weeks after his last session and then a meeting to discuss those results about two or three weeks afterwards with his oncologist.

    Get on to his team to find out if and when these tests/meetings have been organised.


  • Hi Penny,

    I had my final pre-op FLOT on 31st Jan, PET scan on 15th Feb, meeting with consultant on 20th Feb and oesophagectomy surgery on 29th Feb so everything moved pretty swiftly on for me. Your dad will certainly have some sort of scan (probably PET) before his surgery so that they can ascertain what effect the chemo has had on the cancer. CB

  • Thankyou! He’s got a scan this week, apparently the last one was missed as it was lost in the system….! Hopefully all should get on track now.