Life after Surgery

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What experiences have people had after Oesophagectomy surgery? I am due to have surgery in four weeks time and worried about the after care and all the tubes etc when I get sent home afterwards.

  • Hi Big Al,

    I am 16 weeks post oesophagectomy today. By the time you’re discharged from hospital, the only tube you are likely to have left in is a JEJ feeding tube to provide overnight feeds until you are able to eat again. You will have loads of medications home with you to help with pain, etc. and you will be feeling like you have been run over by a bus (which then reversed back over you again for good measure). You will need plenty of rest but should also try to get out for very short walks (starting with just walking around the house/garden) as this will help the healing process. Your physios will give you exercises to do to help your lungs recover from the surgery and you definitely need to keep on top of this. Patience is important (says the world’s most impatient man) as progress will be very slow but you will make small improvements as the weeks go by. Advice and support will always be forthcoming on this site so use it for any issues you may have. I wish you well for your surgery. Try to spend the next 4 weeks getting yourself as strong, fit and healthy as you possibly can as this will stand you in good stead for your post-surgery recovery. Hope this helps. CB

  • Thanks CB

    Very reassuring to know you got through it ok. It’s the eating and basic things like having a shower and going to the toilet that worry me the most. Had a bad experience after chemo cycle 3, was in hospital for over two weeks with chemo belly and an infection and those things were the most difficult while hooked up to a PIC line and 24hr pump etc.

    Will just have to man up keep my fingers crossed etc.

    Thanks, Big Al