Now been diagnosed with problems to spleen

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I am presently having treatment for oesophageal cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy l   seen my oncologist today and now been told due to having radiotherapy for my breast cancer it has left me with damage to my spleen and because I am now going to have radiotherapy again for my oesophageal cancer I need to take antibiotics for the rest of my life anyone got any experience or advice on this 

  • Hi

    Yes, this was mentioned to me. My oncologist said the radiotherapy to my spleen had gone above a certain dosage so I'd be susceptible to infections, I would need to be on low dose antibiotics for life and they'd give me a card to carry in case of medical emergency. I'd also have to have vaccinations after chemoradiation ended, I think it was pneumococcal , meningococcal x 2 and annual flu jabs. However the following week it was decided that it wasn't the case, my spleen had not been affected to that degree, and it was all cancelled. 

    I hope your treatment is going ok. 

    Take care,


  • Thank you Amanda it seems every time I go to the hospital these days, something else is going wrong l hope that’s the case with me that I want need it ,fingers crossed l finish my chemo radiation in five weeks they spotted this on my planning scan for the radiation I also got to have a kidney scan they spotted the one kidney not working so good as the other. Apparently you can live with no spleen and one kidney. So there’s still hope I need to joke about this otherwise l would shoot myself lol 

    you take care also
    jayne x

  • Hi Janey

    You are having a rough time, what with one thing after another. You've been through so much already, you know the score with radiotherapy etc. Also when they told me that my spleen had been damaged, they said as well as the low dose antibiotics to always be careful with any cuts to the skin and keep them clean, wear gloves when gardening etc. Then it turned out to not be relevant. 

    Keep going, you can do this.

    Amanda x