Diarrhoea 15 months after ivor lewis

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over the last 2 weeks I’m having  a lot of diarrhoea episodes and I haven’t changed anything about my diet ! 
the last time I was experiencing anything like this was during chemotherapy which  I completed a year ago  . 
starting to worry a little is this something to get back in touch with my cancer nurse about or is this just something that we experience along this path ? Thanks 

  • Hi Mark,

    You’re a lot further down the path than me but I would say that anything that is causing you worry is worth seeking advice about. If only to put your mind at rest. Best wishes, CB

  • Hi Mark

    I'm 15months post-IL; 10months post-FLOT.

    I've suffered diarrhoea occasionally, and I've noticed that if something upsets my system it can take a few days to return to normal, even when eating & drinking the usual things that didn't upset me previously.

    With me, I think the initial cause is usually down to eating too much sugary food (I love cake, but shop cake - as opposed to homemade cake - always gets me going!), or not following the rules, i.e. resting after eating, not drinking too soon, etc.

    But you should be able to access a hospital dietician who might help.

    Best wishes,