Waiting time between last FLOT therapy and operation

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Hi everyone 

I'm just wondering how long people had to wait between their 4th FLOT session and going on for the operation?

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Last FLOT - 31st Jan

    Surgery - 29th Feb

  • Hi Anthony 

    Andy had last  chemo 16th February , and surgery 22nd April.

    Hope all goes well.

    Vonn x

  • Hi Vonn,

    That's quite a difference in times. My 4 weeks was very short. Definitely a lot shorter than I was expecting. I barely felt recovered from my last pre-op chemo before I was being admitted for surgery. Just had my 3rd post-op chemo on Wednesday and it has really knocked the stuffing out of me. Decided to call it a day after 7 as my body really can’t cope with any more. I presume that Andy’s post-op cycles will probably start next month? CB

  • There's a big difference in the waiting times but I know Andy was pleased to have the extra time . Yes Andy will start next month with post chemo , we haven't been given a date yet but at this stage he's happy to have more recovery time. We've read that a few people struggle with the post op chemo so will have to see how ange gets on.

    Wishing you well 

    Best wishes

    Vonn xx

  • My timeline was exactly 6 weeks after my last pre-op FLOT. I then had my op, and 12 weeks after started the 4 post-op rounds.