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Hello all. I'm new here. Diagnosed a month ago with a small cell oesophageal tumour. CT scan says it hasn't spread but what I've read about it is really scary.

I have my first appointment with an Oncologist this week,so far it has been nurses. Does anyone know anything about what sort of chemo is likely to be offered?

I read this a pretty rare cancer,am desperate for a bit of positive news if anyone has any?


  • Hi

    Sorry you are on this journey.  It can be a very scary one and certainly at the beginning of this journey when you are still learning a whole new world and its all so uncertain. Your treatment plan will depend on the stage of your cancer and where it is. Your oncologist will talk you through it all - sort of chemo and if surgery is an option. I'd suggest taking a notebook with you, with questions and also so you can write down answers. Your brain is likely to struggle to take it all in so I'd suggest taking someone with you. 

    Take care,


  • Thanks Suzy.  I usually like to be informed about things but  atm the more I read the more frightened I become.  It has all happened so fast. My sister is coming with me thank goodness. I suppose I will know more after I have seen the oncologist.

    Thanks again.

  • I'm the same but honestly Google is not your friend.  The stats won't be able to tell you about your journey. I've met some amazing people living with stage 4 and the cancer held at bay with immunotherapy.  I've met people with stage 3 who are 14 years post treatment. I know waiting a week will feel like forever but you will be on your treatment path faster than you think and knowing what the plan is will really help. Everyone on this forum will be here for you.

  • That is so kind of you SuzieW. 

    It's good to know there is a place like this where we talk to people going through the same,or similar. It's a bit difficult sometimes talking to friends and family because they either tell you to stay positive or feel your pain and it makes them unhappy, which is the last thing I want to  do.

    I just decided to go for a swim,to calm myself down,rather than sitting worrying,which I can't seem to stop.

    Take care 

  • Yes definitely keep as busy as you can. Hopefully the weather is beautiful where you are..enjoy it :-)