1st Oncology appointment

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I had my first oncology appointment today. I had a fantastic Dr who explained everything and also give me time to talk and answered my questions.  It's been caught early. I will have chemo and radiotherapy together. Radio 5 days a week for 5 weeks and Chemo 1 day each week. I will have a break for about 6 weeks, then an ospepghagectomy about 6 weeks later. After some recovery time I will get a long course of immunotherapy. Part of me is relieved that I now know there is a plan in place. 

  • After the many weeks of scans, tests, etc. that normally follow a cancer diagnosis, it is always a relief to get a plan in place and then get started on it (in spite of all the concerns and fears that the plan will inevitably create). At least you will feel that things are now being done to attack this malign presence within you. I wish you luck on your journey and recommend returning to this site for any help and advice you may need along the way. Avoid Google at all costs!!!