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Hello. Has anyone  here had post op FLOT ?

I get my picc line back in today and FLOT on Friday. I'm very anxious because my oncologist told me it will be tougher than the first time,m with no guarantee that I'll be able to complete the course. 

He says that if he or I think its too much for me we'll stop  ut I really want to do everything I can to get the best outcome.

 I'd like to hear how others found d FLOT round 2.

  • Sorry for the typing errors. Hope it makes some sense

  • I managed all four sessions of chemo second time round. No vomiting, no diarrhoea second time round. Very tired though. The fourth was the worst about four weeks after before I started to feel normal, however that may be because of the recurrence of the cancer.

     The dose was 80% for all four sessions. 

  • Thank you. Its encouraging to know the side effects weren't  too bad but I'm sorry to hear the cancer is back so soon. Good luck, I'll keep you in my thoughts

  • Hi  

    I found the first round of the post operative chemo tough. It was more emotionally tough than physically tough. I think it's because I knew what was coming and i was still recovering from surgery. The second round was better because I was in a better state of mind. The third and fourth rounds -  the fatigue was hard but I found just leaning into it helped. I reminded myself that it would end and I would get better. I had a slight potassium deficiency which affected muscles so I was a bit clumsy. That soon resolved with a supplement. 

    I'm sure you're feel apprehensive after what your oncologist said. I think just go for it. Remember this will finish. Each month after chemo you will feel better. Thinking like this really helped me.

    Take care 


  • Hi Mburn,

    I just had my first round of post-op FLOT yesterday. I am now 11 weeks since my surgery but still very much recovering from it. During discussions with my oncologist on Tuesday, it was agreed to start me on a 75% strength dose. I managed full strength for all 4 of my pre-surgery cycles but found rounds 3 & 4 particularly difficult and I don’t think my body is up to coping with that. But it did the job of killing off all the cancer cells and the pathology report on my removed oedophagus & upper stomach showed no cancer cells at all so that was good news. I know the next few weeks will be tough but it’ll be over by the end of June and I’ll have the whole summer (with hopefully some nice weather) to continue my recovery. I’m finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you do too. Regards, CB

  • Thank you Suzy.

    You and I seem to have similar  attitudes to it all. I'm telling myself that the end of treatment is in sight so I can deal with it, anxiety included.

    If it goes to plan I should be finished at the end of June.

    My grandson gets married at the end of August  so that's my goal, even if I need a new wig for the wedding, I'll be there dressed to kill.xx

  • Hi. Thanks for replying.We're at almost the same level of treatment. My first chemo is tomorrow.

    My pathology wasn't as positive  as yours there were cancer cells on the outside edge of the bit they removed and in 4 lymph nodes.

    That's why I'm so keen to have all of the chemo I'm offered. Fingers crossedFor us both. X

  • That's it! Focus on the wedding :-)