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After looking through this great forum time and time again and taking on board all the information I could to try and get my head around this terrible disease it was my turn to go through the recommended treatment now 11 months on and with chemoradiotherapy not surgery as my specified treatment due to achalasia and staging of squamous cell T4 N1 M1 I attended by 12 week scan appointment to be told I have had a complete response with no sign of the disease and only required to be closely monitored every 3 months with a CT scan.

I just want to put it out there that positive outcomes can happen.  

  • WOW.....I mean WOWWWWW!! That's an awesome outcome especially from such an awful starting point of squamous cell T4. And now being monitored every three months gives you that extra piece of mind too, congratulations Clap 

  • Thanks i just want to spread the word to be positive as things can happen when things don’t look that good I can not thank the NHS enough top draw from start to finish 

  • That is fantastic news! What a relief for you. 

    I had the same treatment in 2021 (I had squamous cell carcinoma T2N0M0) and I'm 2.5 years clear. For the first 2 years I had tests every 3 months (a gastroscopy with dye, plus either a CT scan or PET scan alternating), now I'm on 6 monthly tests, just the gastroscopy with dye and CT scan, no more PET scans. I'm seeing my consultant on 12 Aug for my 3 year check up. Different hospitals seem to do different follow up plans. (I'm on the SCOPE2 trial but that has nothing to do with the gastroscopy tests, my oncologist refers me separately for that). 

    Hope you can enjoy the sunny weekend whilst taking in your good news. 


  • That’s great news plus the reassurance of regular monitoring. Success stories are always good to read about

  • Hi 

    That's really good news to hear .

    Onwards and Upwards 

    regards J 

  • That is brilliant news thanks for sharing, it gives hope to everyone fighting this terrible disease.

  • Fantastic news! So very pleased for you 

  • hi Flatout

    just started chemo radiotherapy for oesophageal cancer will not be having a operation because this is a new primary cancer for me , l  just finished treatment for breast cancer . I did not want to know the stage this time so this is really reassuring news for me . Thanks for your post