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Hi Everyone 

I'll be starting my FLOT therapy soon and am a bit apprehensive of what is ahead. I'm 60 and a very fit male.

Can people please advise me what the most likely side effects might be? Also following on from that what people might advise me to do to alleviate them and make the process a bit more bearable.

Many Thanks in advance to all of you, this forum is invaluable Heart

  • The first side efact I had from FLOT was peripheral neuropathy - a severe sensitivity to cold in my fingertips. By the fourth cycle this extended to my nose and cheekbones. I was undergoing FLOT during December and January though so it was pretty cold. I wore a pair of gloves indoors, particularly when lifting things out of the fridge. I didn’t go anywhere near the freezer!! Other side effects were fatigue (which kicked in about Day 3 and lasted about 5 days for cycle 1 and over 2 weeks by the time I’d finished cycle 4. I also usually had a couple of days of diarrhoea along the way each time but this was easily managed with medication. That was my own experience of my pre-operative FLOT. Yours might be different.  I’m now 9 weeks post-surgery and starting my post-operative FLOT in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks so much for the advice. As Tesco says "Every Little Helps"!! LoL Rofl 

  • Hi Bob,

    I've completed the pre- and post- surgery FLOT.  The side effects will be individual.  I found the fatigue got progressively  worse with each cycle.  The first couple of cycles I was okay really. My hair fell out at the end of the first cycle. I was sensitive to cold and even tap water had to be warmed for me. The nausea was well controlled for me. They will give you several supportive medicines to combat the side effects which I found helped a lot. I would go walking when I was up to it. I found my swallowing was much better after the second round. I enjoyed at lot of Netflix in the later rounds. Just keep in mind that the symptoms will pass. 

    Take care and all the best for your treatment. 


  • Thanks Suzie, I'm looking forward to binge watching on Netflix! 

  • I love TV so if you need recommendations Grin