What is treatable cancer

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So What is treatable cancer, I have type 2 Diabetes which not curable, is treatable by daily medication. I have been diagnosed with gastroesophageal junction tumour adenocarcinoma with large cell neuroendocrine - nice and simple lol. What happens at the end of chemo, can't have the full E-CARBO for the rest of your life. Also my consultant was vey matter of fact (running late) and said without chemo you will be dead in 4 months, and this bit I don't know if he said with or latest 10-12months or that was all he gave me to live.

  • Hi Tigerstog, welcome to the forum, most possibly with regret having to, treatable cancer is were the Oncologists can recommend a treatment plan that will either cure you or keep the Cancer under control to give you longer life.
    I’m sorry you felt the Oncologist was matter of fact it is quite upsetting when this happens, I had it with one whilst my own was on leave and he was exactly as you described. You should also I think have some Nurses available at most times so I would speak with them as they are fully informed of your case.

    As my background says I had OS cancer and as of 2 years I am still clear so it can be cured but unfortunately, they never describe it as cured you are in remission as one of the stray little buggers can always raise their head. Hope this helps a bit
    Take care and please speak with someone if you are confused as to what they are saying

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  • Hi Tigerstog

    i have just been diagnosed  with oesophageal cancer also told it’s treatable I have just finished breast cancer treatment and didn’t expect to be now diagnosed with oesophageal cancer But I have not asked the stage of my oesophageal cancer not sure now if I want to know  I look at it like this if you have a heart attack  that is not curable but treated with drugs , the only thing with cancer is the treatment you go through. I just take every day has it comes I still feel good more pain this time but I am still out walking my dog and that makes me happy , I am not worrying anymore how long I got at least today my cancer is still treatable .

    everybody is not the same,   who knows there is new treatments coming out all the time, 

    you take care