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I finished my tube feed about 1am this morning,when I was flushing it,I noticed it was a little bit stiff,so I flushed it with a little extra water.4hrs later I went to flush it before my next feed and could only get 30ml of water in,it’s well jammed.any suggestions on how to overcome this issue would be greatly appreciated thanks 

    1. I haven’t had this problem with mine but, in the event that it did occur, I was advised to try things such as warm sterile water or bottled fizzy water as possible sutions. When I was sent home from hospital with my pump, I was also given a special de-clogging kit for it (which I haven’t had to use yet) so these are clearly available. Maybe try your local pharmacy? Hope this helps a bit
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    Is it a feeding tube in your stomach? I had one, I was advised to put 30ml warm boiled water in the syringe and gently push/pull the syringe, not just push. Also to try soda water. I only had a minor blockage a couple of times and the push/pull method worked for me. If it hadn't worked, the next step was to ring the dietician or my nurse as I was totally reliant on it for all water/meds/Fortisip. 

    Hope you can sort it out. 

    1. Try using the pump to flush ...I made a video of this. https://youtu.be/5yQbVVhqs9w