Feeding Tube still hurting

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Hi All,

My husband has stage 3 Esophageal cancer and has just started his chemo. However about 5 weeks ago he had a feeding rig inserted so it would be ready in cycle 3 when he starts his radiotherapy. Currently he's eating fine and not needing to put anything through his feeding tube. We just flush it daily. 

However, its never been right. He said the chemo is a breeze compared to the pain from the tube. Its still a bit crusty and a little blood and around the tube where the buttons and stitches were is still red and sore. It hurts to even have his shirt rub on it.  After about 2 weeks we did end up in A&E as it was very sore and inflamed so the doctor gave him antibiotics and that helped but we keep having the nurses look at it and they say its fine but he's still in pain.  I'm sure this cant be right.  Can I urge the hospital  to give him a scan or something as I'm scared this could turn into sepsis?

  • Hi Sopranos. I had a feeding tube fitted in hospital immediately after the operation and it was left in for when I came home, so that I could keep nutrition levels up until my eating had settled down. I think I had it in for about three/four weeks at home and only fed through it at night for about 10 hours. I do remember a soreness on one of the sites and could see blood crusting underneath. I cleaned all three ports as advised and sometimes this would also make it bleed. To stop it catching I used to tape it up through the day. I don’t remember it being as painful as your husband suggests (even if his shirt rubs against it) but there was some discomfort if it got caught in clothing. I think I’d continue to ask if they could double check, just in case, particularly as he’s going to have to have it for a while longer. Hope you can get something sorted out. Best wishes, Julie