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Hi ,I’m waking up every 10mins it feels like I’m drowning,and then trying to cough with the surgery I had ,for the feeding tube,feel like it’s game over .is this normal with this type of cancer?

  • Hi

    Can you explain where you are in your journey so people can advise you?



  • Sorry I’m not very good at this thing.i got diagnosed with oesophageal cancer on the 18th of march,it gradually worsened,it was taken me all day to get creamy soup down ,then water,that’s when I was admitted to hospital where I had to wait over a week for surgery,in that time I lost a lot of weight.on the 13th of April I had a staging laparoscopy with insertion of feeding jejunostomy and cytology ,it a tube in the intestine.operation didn’t seem to go that well ,went back up to ward after,the nurse noticed quite a bit of blood on the bed ,the surgeon come up to the ward but couldn’t stitch it in case it was internal bleeding,so they stemmed it as best they could while I was waiting to go for a ct scan,4hrs later the surgeon comes up and stitches me back out of hospital now ,on nutrition changing my dressing every day,first few days at home was uncomfortable,but nice and quiet,not like the ward I was on.i was just trying to find out if anyone else had the same symptoms ,if waking up most the night choking,I don’t know if it is saliva going down the wrong way,or something to do with the feed,all I know is my eyes are heavy,and I have had enough.reading some of the other forums,and talk of second cancers after ,spreading to lymph glands after op .im trying to keep positive and fight for my families,but it’s getting harder day by day.maybe I just need sleep,or when I start chemotherapy and they shrink a little the choking situation may improve,I don’t really know 

  • Yes I think the chemotherapy will definitely improve your symptoms. I'm assuming your operation was a laparoscopy to determine the exte6

  • Yes I think the chemotherapy will definitely improve things for you. I'm assuming the operation you had was  a staging laparoscopy? How long did you have eating problems before seeking medical advice?

    Sending you positive vibes for your treatment, you've got this! 


  • Yes,also to fit the tube 

  • It was around Christmas Day i noticed it,every now and again I would get a slight pain too if my stomach,bottom of my chest ,it got slightly worse over time ,couldn’t get solid food down,so I started on the soup while I waited for an appointment 

  • Okay that's very similar to my experience. It started with me just after Christmas and I was diagnosed on the 22nd of March .Have they told you how big the tumour is? I'm still eating solid foods with the exception of bread and some meats

  • Hi 

    My husband had a JEJ feeding line fitted during his laparoscopy procedure as he had reached stage where he couldn’t eat or drink orally due to his tumour blocking the junction between his oesophagus and stomach and he had lost a significant amount of weight  .I can’t really say for sure what’s causing your problem but I know that when he was hooked up to the pump during the night he was advised to sleep propped up ..He had four pillows and a V pillow which he found very comfortable .His dosage was 100mls of feed per hour over 17 hours and he found this manageable ..I’m just wondering if the  volume of feed per hour is too high for you to manage and it’s causing a reflux ? 
    I would suggest contacting your dietician at the hospital asap ..they will help you to sort out the issue 

    regards J 

  • Just to add to my previous post .By four pillows I mean two either side and the v pillow in the centre ..Also by the second week after my husband had his first FLOT chemo he found he could eat soup and soft foods ..His eating had returned to almost normal by the end of the fourth .This was a good sign the chemo was doing the job intended . 
    Hope matters resolve for you soon 

    regards J 

  • Thank you,I have sat right up,it seems to only happen when in relaxed,or getting off to sleep,I was told to prop up at least 30 degrees,or 2 have been good and got me absolutely loads of different pillows,they really need to communicate better with each other.i will talk with my dietitian,among others to try and get to the bottom of how I get on ,thank you much appreciated