Surgery date 22nd April

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Andy has recieved his date for surgery , its getting very scarey now !! Does anyone have any tips as to what we'll need to have ready to take to the hospital .

Trying to be prepared .

Many thanks 


I hope youre all doing well Heartpulse you've all been amazing xxx

  • Hi Vonn,

    When I went in I didn't take anything,  well just a bag to put my things in. You obviously have to get changed into a hospital gown. My wife came in the day after she bought slippers, underwear and pj's but I didn't need them.  Because of all the tubes and drains etc, you're better staying in the gown. I was 7 days before all the bits were taken out and then I just put a pair of shorts and tee shirt on.  The wife bought me some clothes in the day I went home.

  • Hi Vonn. Good luck for Andy. Hope everything goes really well. Don’t worry too much about what to take in as for the first few days they prefer to keep you in the hospital gown. Best wishes, Julie

  • Thanks for the reply,  that's a great help. 

  • Hi Julie thanks for the creaky and the kind wishes. 


  • Hi Vonn 

    As the others have said you won't need much for the first few days and then you'll need pajamas and a dressing gown. I'd recommend sliders for the shower. I also used these to walk in as it's easy to get on your feet. I was in hospital for a couple of weeks as I had some minor complications.  I really valued my mobile phone (and charger) and noise cancelling headphones because I used them to listen to music and watch Netflix. Yes i also answered emails ;-) Hospitals are noisy places so I used the headphones and my chemo hats (to cover my eyes) to get some sleep.

    sending you positive vibes


  • Hi Suzy 

    I hope you are doing well now xx very useful information thank you , must go to get some sliders xx

    Best wishes