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Hi. I was diagnosed in January, and awaiting treatment. What waiting time is the norm? I am concerned that the advantage of an early diagnosis is being lost.


  • Hi Peter, sorry that you find yourself in the forum.

    I was diagnosed last March and am now through all my treatment with a successful outcome. Once I had been diagnosed a lot of tests followed quite quickly but treatment (chemo) started 85 days later. 

    If you click on my name it will take you to my profile which I recorded as a diary.  It may help you get your head around stuff. Try to stay off Google and get the answers you need from here or your medical team. 

    Good luck on your journey. It's tough but doable. 

    Best regards


  • Very grateful for your reply friend. 

  • Hi Pete and a sorry welcome to this group. There can be quite a bit of variation in timings. I was 50 days from diagnosis to first chemotherapy treatment. In the interim, I had blood tests, PET scan and a laparoscopy. Once treatment starts, things seem to proceed quite swiftly for most people. Have you been given a treatment plan yet or received any other investigative procedures? Best wishes, CB

  • Hi Cool Blue 

    I have had three endoscpies an a PET scan. I have been told that I can be treated via endoscopy, but that was now a month ago. I have no info about whether there will be chemo etc. Just getting a bit concerned about delay. Mcmillan nurses tell me I am on the waiting list. 

  • Hi Peter

    Just thought I'd ask how it's going? Have you started any treatment yet? You mentioned that you thought they would remove whatever is there via an endoscopy? This is unusual unless the tumour is either very small or even pre-cancerous. 

  • Hi Bob. 

    I had an EMR endoscopic mucosal resection last Monday 15th. I have been very lucky. 7 polyps removed. No biopsy yet. I have some bleeding evidenced by black stools, and some discomfort eating, but all ia all a wonderful outcome so far. Hope you are well.