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Hi All

Sitting here wondering weather to go ahead with treatment or not

What i cant understand is why when i can eat normally have no pains and am leading a normal life would i agree to have poison put into my body that might make me feel like shit and have radiotherapy that will affect my eating at the later stages.  

Have got my planning scan today 29th March then the chemoradiation is due to start on the 15th April

Chemo every Monday and radiotherapy Monday to Friday for 5 weeks

Any advice would be much appreciated as i really not looking forward to any of this


  • Hi Rob

    Thanks for reaching out. It's a lot to think about, especially as you're not feeling so bad at the moment. Only you can make that decision. I had chemoradiation in 2021. I didn't have any choice though as the tumour had blocked my oesophagus and I couldn't even swallow water so I had a stomach feeding tube fitted. I had 4 cisplatin chemo by IV, capecitabine chemo tablets twice daily for 12 weeks and 25 radiotherapy. It was hard. The radiotherapy does make your oesophagus inflamed towards the end of treatment but that only lasted a couple of weeks for me. Now my oesophagus is scarred and I have to take small bites and chew thoroughly but that's not a problem. I have acid reflux now even though I didn't have it before, so I'm on Lansoprazole like a lot of people and I stick to a fairly plain diet, no rich spicy fatty foods.  Even though I knew I had no choice, on the day of the first chemo I had the same thoughts about having poison put in my body which would make me even more ill, I think we all do. I had to keep telling myself that it was killing the cancer off. And it worked for me. I'm 2.5 years clear. 

    Hope that helps in some way. 


  • Hi Amanda, you certainly got a good result and hope that Rob was encouraged by your story. I learned I had Stage 4 G3 SCC Oesophagus beginning of November 23 and have just finished 4 rounds cisplatin chemo and capecitabine chemo tablets twice daily. Half way through Round 3 had a CT scan where they say the nodules had disappeared from my lungs and the tumour in my Oesophagus had shrunk to 15mm.  We stopped doing the whole 6 cycle due to side effects but they say I am stable and cancer hopefully dormant.  Think is they still say I am Stage 4 and incurable, I wonder about the terminology. You say you are 2.5 years clear, does anyone with this cancer go into remission (terminology) like other cancers. I am obviously still concerned about the future, as we all are.

  • That sounds like such a good result for you! My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 in Feb and is due to start chemo this week. We can’t wait for it to begin to be honest, although we know it is going to betough, he is currently really struggling and can’t swallow anything at all. We are hopeful the chemo might bring back some quality of life for him Heart️️