Squamous Cell cancer upper esophagus

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Hi again, I just wondered if anyone out there that has had a squamous upper esophagus tumor removed?  We have been told my husbands tumor is inoperable due to it being so far up near the windpipe.

Should we get a second opinion? are there any wizard surgeons out there that are ground-breaking and would take this on does anyone know???

Any help very appreciated

  • Hi Sopranos, sorry to see your Husband has upper OS Cancer, if the cancer is in the top half of the Oesophagus then an operation is not normally a viable option as the Barrett op removes the cancerous part and they uplift the stomach to join, the Oesophagus has muscles that react and help the food move so upper is normally treated with Chemo and Radiotherapy.

    Of course you are perfectly entitled to a second opinion for the treatment but I would suggest that you wait for your present team to carryout the many tests that he will have to undergo before a treatment plan is put in place. I would also say that you both will have to be patient with this part of the process as many tests and meetings are going to take place before he will start the treatment, my other suggestion is start listing all the questions both of you have as when you meet with the Team many queries and thoughts disappear and get forgotten, don’t be afraid of asking anything as they will most likely have heard it before. The other main thing is please stay away from Dr Google, if you want info then look on the MacMillan site or ask a question on here or Ask a Nurse.

    Hope all goes well and do come back if you a have a question, there are a lot of us on this forum that have had exactly the same Cancer

    Take care both of you


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  • Thanks tony your support means a lot Blush