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Since being diagnosed with OC, my husband has complained of a 'gummy mouth' and  has been spitting up quantities of mucus. Whenever he's mentioned it, and he has mentioned it every consultation,  the medics say they 'don't know' .  The closest we've come to an explanation is that the mucus is coming up because the tumour is blocking it from 'going down' into the stomach. He had a stent fitted yesterday and the expectation is that this will improve swallowing: problem is that he has been able to swallow, but the  'gummy mouth' makes anything taste so awful, he doesn't want to have it in his mouth. We should probably be patient for longer, but has anyone else had gummy mouth? 


  • Hi, I don't know if I'd describe it the same way but I had oral thrush which shows as a white furry coating on your tongue. It affects your taste and feels horrible. I was given a strong mouthwash to use but it wasn't that effective. I used to scrub my tongue with a toothbrush first. I had it all the while I was on chemo.

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  • Thnaks Geo - he's been tested for oral thrush and that's been ruled out.

  • I am being treated for breast cancer and this may or may not be relevant but I have what you call gummy mouth too, and sore feet and hands.... which is a pain as I find it difficult to type, to pick things up without dropping.....etc..... I am told it is the chemo that is causing this problem and for the mouth we are given the mouth wash.  I have loss of taste.... no more than that really... everything tastes terrible.... cant enjoy a single thing.... tongue tingles.  For a few days I had a very sore mouth a month or so ago...... blisters through out.... unable to speak, swallow, so sore...... someone who had breast cancer was advised to try  FOLINIC ACID  (not Folic Acid)  and it did help particularly with the sore mouth 

  • Thank you - it sounds similarly horrible - will give it a try. Will give just about anything a try, if only to eliminate it! Hope you start to feel better soon.