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Hello all,

I’ve written here a few times since my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 OC in September last year and it’s always brought huge comfort. My dad is at home recovering after his surgery 3 weeks ago which went really well. We were all feeling really positive and awaiting the lab results to find out our next steps. 

we recently found out that the cancer has metastasized and appeared in a lymph node by the kidney (which they removed). We are still waiting to have our proper meeting with the surgery and oncology team, but everything I read online about metastasis is worrying me. I’ve read plenty of stories on here about how chemo and immunotherapy have worked wonders, and just looking for any similar stories (ideally positive) that I can share with my dad and family as everyone is feeling quite glum. We were all feeling like we were through the worst of it and this feels like yet another blow. 

Thank you in advance xx

  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear the cancer has spread but perhaps good news in that it seems to have been found quite quickly. My wife's cancer is very different and our journey was complex but for Janice her chemotherapy managed to put her cancer to sleep. With a lot of work we managed to reach the state of living with cancer as my wife puts it "it does not bother me and I do not bother it".

    For you and your family you might like to look at our pages on emotional support for family and friends as I know both Macmillan and Maggies have been very helpful to me. You might also like to look at our Family and friends forum 



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  • Hello Steve,

    Thanks so much for your message. We had our post surgery appointment today and it reassured us. They also said we were lucky to have found it and with its positioning in that it could be removed. If it was elsewhere, they wouldn’t have been able to operate at all.

    Glad to hear your wife responded well. Fingers crossed my dad does also, he did the first time and had been so strong thus far so I’m feeling more hopeful. 

    Thank you for the links, I’ll check them out!!