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How’s have those who have returned back to work found the whole process , I know ever one is different with the side effects of the operation and chemo but how have you coped and how long after treatment did you return.
my job as an air conditioning  engineer requires lots of physical activity on sites And are long days . Just not sure I’m physically ready for it . 

  • I managed to work during my pre op chemo and again so far in post op chemo. I am a University lecturer and able to work from home though so much easier than your work. Following my op I started picking up emails,  reading and writing around 9 weeks post op which was second week of January this year. Not yet on campus nor am I in front of students. That is scheduled for mid to end April 4 - 6 weeks post last chemo session if all goes to plan. I give in to the fatigue from chemo and take it slowly.

  • Hi Mark.

    You should be able to liaise with the HR and occupational health team at your workplace, this may mean going in only one day a week, for a few hours, or  half a day, a couple of times a week.  There has to be a slow and monitored phased return if you are going to be considering returning to the workforce. 

    Please consider talking to your company and seeing what can be done, it may mean that you have one or two days at work a week on light duties to begin with, the rest of the days are continued sick leave.  They will then monitor and work with you whilst you regain your strength, and find your physical fitness again. 

    Good Luck 


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