Post op symptoms - gurgling left side, anyone else?

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I had my oesophagectomy Feb 2023 and have been feeling pretty good since all things considered. Recovery post op was fast, out of ICU in about 4 days, discharged after a week - no leaks. Some food issues and allergies but in the last 2-3 weeks the left side has been working overtime like a microbrewery facing prohibition - deep gurgling noises and also lower abdominal crampy pain.

Anyone else had this?

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  • Hi my hubby had his op March 23, and he to has been suffering with left side pain to the point even hurts to bend or reach, his stomach what bit he has works overtime too he can no longer tolerate any milk or dairy products as make him either sick or nausea. It's a constant battle to get any nutrition in him as he has lost so much weight, But the pain has been around now for about 4 weeks. We went to see his surgeon and he ordered a ct scan which was today and tomorrow he's having a endoscopy. Fingers crossed all is OK in there as his surgeon said we can't see so let the equipment work for us. 

  • Hi I had my op in Oct 22 and have had a lot of pain and ‘noises’ which is still ongoing.  I would definitely mention this at the next follow up or if really concerned give the nurses a call.  My doctor has also been really supportive and sometimes written to the nurses on my behalf to make them aware of anything she thinks they should know.

    i have been told that as we have even replumbed it takes time to settle down so hopefully it is just part of that process but definitely make the team aware.