Recovery after gastrectomy

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Hi all

To everyone I have had a discussion with I just wanted to give you an update on how I am as haven't been able to post for a while.

First couple of weeks after my op were quite difficult, had a fair bit of pain and discomfort and eating and drinking was proving quite a challenge. Since my op on Jan 5th I have lost over 2 stone but that has now stabilised.

The eating and drinking has now improved a bit but have to say avoid anything with high sugar content and try and focus on protein.

Have managed a few short walks but as the team have told me it's a marathon not a sprint so trying to be patient but it's difficult when I'm used to cycling a lot and working, both of which are out of the question at the moment.

I see my consultant on Feb 15th to see what next, which will probably be more chemo. It's a long journey but I'm getting there and I will beat this!

Good luck to everyone that is on the same journey, whatever stage you are at.

Best wishes


  • Hi Dean,

    Good to have you back and that things are starting to improve. 2 stone seems like quite a lot of weight to have lost in a month. Did you have a feeding tube in when you left hospital and, if so, how long did you have it in for? I’m still struggling to get over my fourth cycle of FLOT. They’ve definitely got progressively worse since Cycle 1 

  • Hi Cool Blue

    Thanks for the welcome back. No didn't have a feeding tube. Think I lost about a stone in hospital as no food or water for 4 days. Just had the fluids from the drip. It's stabilised now.

    Sorry to hear your chemo isn't going well. I was on FLOT too and it is difficult with many side effects but you will get through it. Talk to your team they may be able to adjust the strength which might help.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Dean 

    As you say it’s a marathon not a sprint ..My husband was told to allow a year or so to recover from the surgery and to allow more time after the adjuvant chemo ..He’s now 14 months post surgery and it’s 11 months since treatment ended ..He’s now on six month monitoring  which is a good indication his medical team are less worried about him so that’s a positive .With your positive mindset you will come through this ..From our experience it’s all trial and error in the first year or so but with perseverance things do settle into a new normal .

    To come this far is an achievement in itself ! Star

    Wishing you a good recovery and healthy better days to come .

    regards J 

  • Hi JPM

    Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes you are right it is trial and error with the eating and drinking. It's very early days for me but I'm hoping it will get better as the months go by.

    So pleased your husband only needs 6 months check ups that is great news.

    I know I have a way to go but slow and steady wins the race as they say and I'm determined to beat this!

    Best wishes