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My partner has been diagnosed with throat cancer. He has a hole in his food pipe he says and I guess that's the oesphagus?. The hospital has tried to insert a tube in his throat so he can eat and drink but this was not successful. They are going to try doing it again. I'm scared as he has always supported me I have anxiety and depression. I want to be strong for him but inside my heart is breaking for him. I came here as I thought there may be other family members who feel the same. 

  • Hi Bookworm, 

    Welcome and well done, posting a message is the first step to a world of information, 

    I am sorry to read that your partner has a cancer linked to his throat, normally the information provided to the patient is a bit clearer, as there are both throat and oesophageal cancer, but until you get full information, based on what you have written above, it certainly looks like you are in the right place. 

    You mention that you are scared, and, that inside your heart is breaking, what you are feeling is absolutely normally when faced with this situation, I acknowledge that this may add to your anxiety and depression, but it is important to understand that the emotions you are going through right now are similar to many of us who are trying to support our loved one through their experience.

    There is a  family and friends forums, that you might want to join alongside this one, as it is where many go to chat and get support from others who have loved one on their own cancer journey. 

    If you partner needs any support, he can call the Macmillan support line, the number to call is in my signature. 

    I hope that the medical team are able to insert the feeding tube and make things a little easier, and I am sending you strength, 


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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  • Hi there thanku for your kind words and suggestions.