Nasograstric (NG) feeding tube

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This is my first time of posting on this site and I would appreciate any help / tips or advice. 

My dad is 77 years old and is currently being investigated for oesophageal cancer, he is waiting on the results of his biopsy but a mass measuring 4x3x2cm was found in the upper part of his oesophagus during scans. 

He currently has a NG feeding tube fitted, prior to administrating any food/water or medication we have to complete a PH test to check the tube is still in my dads stomach. However, we struggle to withdraw any liquid into the tube and can spend up to an hour to dry and obtain enough of a sample. 

We have tried to get my dad to lay on his side, walk around, brush his teeth but it just seems to be so hit and miss. 

Has anybody else had this experience and did anybody manage to master the art. 

Thank you for all your help. 

  • Hi Skyla

    I understand your frustrations..We had quite a few problems when my husband had an NG feeding tube ..We had several visits to the hospital for an X-ray to see if the line was in situ in the correct place as we couldn’t obtain a fluid sample !
    You seem to be doing everything right ..the only other thing I can advise is gently putting  a full shringe of air through the line before trying to carry out the gastric aspirate.. although you’re probably doing this anyway ..I would suggest contacting your Dad’s dietician or specialist nurse to see if they can offer any advice .

    regards J