Disappearing tumours?

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Has anyone experience of gullet cancer tumours completely disappearing without the operation being done, just as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy? And not returning for 18 months?

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with a 6cm tumour, mid oesophagus, T2N0M0 in 2021, age 53. The tumour completely blocked my oesophagus so I had a stomach feeding tube fitted. I went on the SCOPE 2 trial, which was radical chemoradiation (no operation). The trial was to see if having a higher dose of radiotherapy would be beneficial but I was not chosen for the higher dose so had standard dose. I had 4 rounds of cisplatin by IV once every 3 weeks, and capecitabine chemo tablets twice a day every day for 12 weeks. On the 2nd round of cisplatin I started radiotherapy, so I was having 2 types of chemo and radiotherapy at the same time which was tough. I had 25 radiotherapy.

    After treatment ended I have been monitored closely. For the first 2 years I had tests every 3 months - always a gastroscopy with dye (the dye shows up cells) and alternating between a CT scan and a PET CT scan. In July last year I was 2 years clear and went on to 6 monthly tests. I had my CT scan in December but am still chasing the appointment for the gastroscopy with dye - they tell me that there's only one doctor who can do it and he's not been available for a couple of weeks. I am due to see my oncologist at the end of the month. Hopefully I'm still clear. 


  • Hi- I posted previously last year that I am now nearly 2 years out and am on 4 monthly scans and follow ups without return of either of my cancers so trust and goodwill it will remain.
    The main thing to do is always think positive and hopefully you and myself will remain free of the ‘C’

    Take care of yourself


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