Pet scan lymph nodes

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had my op in march finished chemo in July ! I recently went for pet scan in December  And  lymph  nodes have shown up slightly in chest lung areas ! The day after scan I come down with chesty cough type infection for around a week and half . 
they have told me that the infection could be what has shown up on the scan so waiting for further investigations but all very anxious . 
has anybody had anything like this happen ? 

  • Hoping it is just the infection for you Mark. Try and stay positive to speed up your recovery. You will be in my prayers. 

  • Hi Mark 

    Every bump along the way is a real worry!  Whether  it’s before treatment ..during treatment or after treatment ends ..My husband had a lung nodule show up on  one of his PET scans which after further investigations proved to be insignificant and eventually disappeared….He then developed burning in his chest which after a endoscopy turned out to be Oesophagitis..non erosive gastritis and mucosal breaks caused by acid reflux ..(All treatable with meds)  Then pain in his hip and knee joints which after an X-ray was found to be moderate osteoarthritis…..Each time we feared the worst as I think the experience leaves you on tender hooks for a long time afterwards ..
    I was saddened to read your story and understand you’ve been dealing with this awful disease for a long time so it’s perfectly understandable you are anxious .

    As your Dr’s have said ..the fact you developed a chest infection the day after your scan could be the reason the lymph nodes looked swollen on your scan , as lymph nodes do enlarge when the body is fighting an infection ( I think I’d be more worried if the chest infection hadn’t occurred the day after the  scan ) ..I would wait for your further investigations to see what the results determine and try to stay positive .

    Sincerely hoping this bump in the road is just the infection you had .

    Sending positivity your way 

    regards J 

  • Thank you j I appreciate the positivity within your reply my surgeon is discussing it tomorrow in the ndt meeting and will call me Tuesday I’m trying to stay strong and positive for myself and family and prey this is nothing it’s breaking my hart seeing my two little boys having to witness both there parents fighting this battle they are my world . This is a cruel disease for all . 

  • Sending positive thoughts .

    Love and light 


  • Update j had my routine ct scan nothing to report they have booked me for another pet in 4 weeks to get a comparison to the previous pet . 
    but the experts seem to be thinking it’s the chest infection  that has set of the lymph’s  ! 
    I’ll just try and stay focused until then . 

  • Hi Mark 

    Well it definitely sounds like the experts haven’t ruled out the chest infection then that’s a positive ! 

    Very similar scenario to my husband with his lung nodule ..Four weeks later it didn’t show up on the comparison scan .Still a mystery really but dismissed as insignificant! 

    We all know the waiting is hard ..but like you’ve already said ..try to stay focussed on what you’ve been told today and hopefully you’ll receive  peace of mind from the comparison scan soon. 

    Sending positivity your way 

    regards J