I have Or had high grade displasia. I've had an endoscopic submucosial disection

An ESD of some 60mm a torn stomach lining which is repairing.

I thank the day I got a nutribullet food blitzer. 3 weeks now of this and cant swallow even a paracetamol.without it getting stuck. I was diagnosed with biopsies of cancer and High grade displasia in my gullet some 6 years ago, had numerous EMRs. My wife is dying of lung cancer and ifeel a fraud when I see her and read what others are going through.

  • Hi Nick

    I am sorry to read this post, you are dealing with so much and I can't imagine how you are dealing with this.  Your wife must feel something similar I imagine, when she thinks of all that you are going through, it must be tough for the both of you dealing with you own illness's and being there for one another. 

    I am also sorry that you feel like a fraud, that is something that you should never experience, and I hope you know that your experience is as valid as all the other people who are going through what they are going through. Sometimes we have tough days and sometimes they are tougher still, go easy on you and give yourself a hug.

    Thinking of you both at this time


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