Surgery Date Confirmed!

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Hello all,

Today I was finally informed of my date for surgery. It will be September 12th, so very soon, relatively speaking. My gall bladder is being removed, along with sections IV B, and V, of my liver. I am enormously apprehensive about this, as it is far more invasive than the surgery I had for bowel cancer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should be eating after surgery, as I am healing? I'd really appreciate the help, as I need to lay in supplies now to be ready for when I am discharged.



  • Hi Robin,

    good news on the date front! I too had the liver resection levels 4 5 and 6 I think, this was 5 weeks after the gallbladder surgery and I found most foods were agreeable after the event. Initially I had zero appetite so mainly ate soft foods like mashed potatoes and beans or even yoghurts and ice cream but 5 years on and there are no foods off limits because of having no gallbladder. I know some people struggle with certain food types but I didn’t (thankfully). So my advice is just go with what you fancy and see how you get on.


  • My best wishes for your surgery and for a smooth recovery! Stay strong! xx