My dad is newly diagnosed

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Hello...just reaching out as my dad who is 85 has just had it confirmed that he has gall bladder cancer. He has had episodes of flare ups and gall stones over the last couple of years and has had probably around 5 hospital admissions in this time. He was in hospital in Dec/ Jan at our local hospital and they were liaising with Kings in London. They had consistently said they didn't think his case was malignant. The inflammation had spread to his duodenum and he had a large ulcer which was bleeding ( which led to hospital admission in December) and scans and gastroscopy revealed a fistula connection between gall bladder and duodenum with gall stones stuck in it.

Last week dad went up to Kings for surgery...they weren't able to remove gall bladder as the mass had attached itself to liver but they have removed ulcerated section of the duodenum. He is a week post surgery, very weak and unable to keep foods down. The doctors have suggested that I take some soups in for him to see if he can stomach those but I'm just so worried. He can't be considered for Chemo yet until he is fitter and stronger but any progress towards recovery is just so difficult and I'm worried sick. I'm travelling 1.5 hours a day each way to London to visit him but also staying with family so I don't have so much travelling to do. He is only allowed one visitor per day and I'm doing it all and trying to cope with everything and finding it very difficult.

Up until lockdown last year my dad was playing badminton every week so he has been very fit and active. Since August last year this has started to go downhill and we are now in the situation we are in.

I'm seeing his main consultant/surgeon on thursday.

Anyone with similar experiences?

Anyone got any advice about foods that I can try and get my dad to stomach to start with?

Thanks in advance, sorry if I rambled. I'm just overwhelmed a bit trying to be there to help my dad and liaise with doctors/ nurses/ OTs etc

  • So sorry to be reading this Ziggles, i know very little about gall bladder so cannot really comment on that side of it, i think his best or your best option is to maybe try the liquid food supplements like Ensure or Fortisips, I'm sure your dad's consultant will be able to sort these out for him on prescription, they will certainly help him get some vital vitamins, nutrients, and calories inside him. I hope all goes well on Thursday, take care, best wishes to your Dad and the rest of the family.

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  • Hello Ziggles and I hope you and your dad are having an easier and calmer day today. How is he doing? Have the doctors helped in your finding foods that he could hold down or given him any medicine to treat his symptoms? Best wishes, stay strong!

  • Hello, thanks for responding to this post. I have not been online for a while. My dad passed away on the 4th July, his decline came very quickly. He was prescribed Creon pancreatic enzymes tablets which were helping but in the end his cancer had spread further to his liver and bile ducts and he deteriorated very quickly. 

  • I am so sorry for your loss of your dear dad. Sending you a big hug and warmth and light your way!