Hi guys 

I’m Alex a 38 year old man that has stage 4 metastasis andanimicorma and I’m starting immunotherapy this coming Friday has any of you guys been on this treatment.

  • Good morning , my ears pick up when I hear immunotherapy mentioned as I’ve been on that kind of treatment for a while, I don’t however belong to this cancer group I have metastatic melanoma.

    I did a search in your group for previous discussions that might mention immunotherapy, Pembrolizumab or Nivolumab, I’m not sure which immunotherapy drug you may be on, but I’m afraid I came up blank. I hope someone with experience joins in your discussion, if there is any of my experience that you think might help just press reply, you could look through my profile if that helps. 

    Have you been told or research much on your treatment? 

    I don’t know if this video from the Lancashire teaching hospital would be of help, but I know you will want to reach out to real people. 

    Heres the link

    Good luck for Friday wishing you the best

    Take care KT

  • Hi Alex,

    Would you be able to let me know what kind of immunotherapy you are on at the moment? I'm in similar condition stage 4 jejunum adenocarcinoma with mets.



  • Dear A!ex2810,

    I realise that this was posted some time ago but wonder if you still receive notifications. I have Stage 4 jejunal adenocarcinoma and was told by my Consultant that Immunotherapy is not licenced as a treatment for small bowel cancer. I wondered what hospital you attend and if your treatment is privately funded. 

    When you are told your cancer is incurable you would try anything that might work. I have no symptoms at the moment so it is hard to accept doing nothing. I have had a year of chemo which did shrink my mets at first. Immunotherapy has had such good results in other cancers I would love to have the opportunity to try it.Was yours part of a trial?

    I hope this finds you well.


  • Nancy,

    I was wondering about your experience with immunotherapy for stage 4 adenocarcinoma for smalL bowel. Did you find out or get any useful information? My mother has just been diagnosed.


  • Hi Jlax,

    I didn't get any information back on immunotherapy. My cancer recurred and I am back on Folfiri chemo. My consultant would only offer that. I asked again about Immunotherapy and he suggested it might be offered as a trial if I was more advanced. I presume I'd have to be very ill! 

    Sorry I couldn't get more than that. 

    I wish your mother luck in her treatment. 


  • So sorry guys I should turn my notifications on, I’m almost a year a half through into my 2 year treatment plan which is going well my tumour is shrinking but only by a little, so my oncologist is now saying another op in October time if you’ve got any questions fire away 

  • Alex, 

    did your treatment include immunotherapy? Also Chemotherapy for my mom is being pushed a month due to infection that was created when they installed tubes for draining the bile ducts. It’s upsetting that they created the problem that is keeping us from resolving her cancer. 

    also I’m reading your initial post and I am not sure it’s adenocarcinoma of the small bowel so I imagine it may not be the same immunotherapy.