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Hi all dad had a half way scan in January and was told he’s cancer had gone then finished treatment in march then scan in may and now they said he has to have radio therapy every day for 18 days as cancer still active under armpit he’s feeling a bit deflated but I no he will be ok as radio therapy isn’t as bad as the chemo x

  • Hi  I can appreciate that’s your dad will feel disappointed but this often happens. Small areas can hide during scan and is only picked up when they become more visible.

    Radiotherapy is very effective targeted treatment and is often used as a belt and braces approach with the view to clear up any small areas.

    I had a total of 45 radiotherapy sessions presented in 3 set of treatments. The first was 5 sessions, the second 10 sessions and the final set 30 sessions.

    Apart from dry skin and some fatigue that was all the side effects I had. It is tedious having to go to the hospital every week day but the treatment itself is painless and once all the initial machine setting up is done the treatments are rather quick.

    Here is an info link about Radiotherapy

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  • Hi Lily's

    My husband is now nearly a year post treatment. His lymphoma was on the top if his left lung.. he had 6 r chops and radiotherapy. His scan before last showed feathery bits remaining.. That was the consultant's description.  Anyway he has just had another scan. It was clear. Just to show radiotherapy  continues to work long after treatment finishes. 

    Keep positive,  we know we are lucky and so grateful to the NHS. Also know it could still return but fingers crossed.