Stage 4 cervical cancer spread to pelvic area

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Hi my name is Carole.... I have just received my diagnosis of Stage 4 cervical cancer which has spread to bowel and pelvic area. Its been a traumatic time with the colonoscopy, biopsys and blood tests etc as I have always had a huge medical instrument phobia, and because of this haven't been to the doctors (until recently) for about 35 years.  I start my treatment in 2 weeks time, they have given me a 30% chance of being cured. But I guess that's not a bad %.  I am not worried about the radiotherapy but really anxious about the chemo, as having needles in my arm for so long  will make me feel weak and sick.  I am grateful that I have been given the chance to be cured, but am so scared. 

  • Hi Carole (and welcome to our group.

    I’m so sorry you have received a stage 4 diagnosis, but try to hold onto the fact that you have been told there is curative intent in the treatment you will be getting. That is a big positive, and 30% is actually a pretty good percentage. I had a 30% chance of surviving surgery when my cancer recurred, and that was almost 3.5 years ago, so try to focus on the fact that you have been given a pretty good percentage chance.

    The standard chemo along with radiotherapy is Cisplatin-is that the one you will have? I appreciate it may not be as you have bowel involvement. I don’t have a medical instrument phobia but I don’t like needles. There should only be one needle going into your arm for the cannula-I just never look at any needles going in anywhere! Unfortunately there are lots of needles along the way as you will need to have your blood taken each week to ensure you can have the chemo. But the chemo should be only once a week if it’s Cisplatin. Others in the group have had different types of chemo depending on whether their cancer is recurrent and therefore a second line treatment, but I’ve only had Cisplatin.

    This is a really scary time for you, but I found once my treatment started I felt better and more focused. Lots of us in the group have gone through chemoradiation and come out the other side, so we can help support you through treatment based on our experiences. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like and use the group to vent, ask about any worries and there will be support and encouragement for you. We have other ladies in the group with a stage 4 diagnosis so I hope they’ll come along and say hello. 

    You may want to add some details of your story to your profile to make it easier for others to see where you are, and what treatment you’re having, and this makes it easier for others on the same path to connect with you. You can read others’ stories by clicking on their name, if they have completed their profile details. 

    Please keep in touch Carole-you are very welcome to be with us here.

    Sarah xx

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  • Thank you so much for your reply and support Sarah.