D day at clinic tomorrow at 9 am on my 2 week fast track

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Does anyone no what ???? I should be asking or do

i let the doctor do the talking.  And don’tell my self I got cancer 

  • Hi Angie

    The doctor will probably do most of the talking because you don’t have a diagnosis yet, so you’ll be explaining your symptoms and most likely having an examination.

    The only person who can say if you have cancer is the doctor, and then only when biopsies have been done, and this will involve a wait for results.

    He/she might say what they think, but they still have to send biopsies to the lab to be tested. My doctor didn’t say what he thought-just took the biopsies and told me to come back the following week for the results. 

    He must have been certain it was cancer, so I only had to wait another week, but didn’t mention cancer until he had the results. So I didn’t spend the week waiting in a panic and I’m very glad of that.

    it’s good to have the appointment early to get it done, but I know it is a scary time for you. Once you know what is wrong you can get your mind in gear to deal with whatever it is. 

    I hope you’ll let us know how you get on, but just go there understanding that you won’t have all the answers tomorrow. All the best for your appointment.

    Sarah xx

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