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Hi I thought I'd ask for some advice please. I had my last smear in August, all clear and hpv negative. Last week I finished my oeriod on Tuesday and on Thursday noticed what I thought looked like tiny bits of bloody tissue floating in the pan when I had a wee. This kept happening and I assumed it was just my period not quite finished! I thought I'd run it by gp as I've never experienced it before.

She done an examination and said my cervix was really red and bleeding when she swabbed. She also mentioned she thought she could see a nodule! 2ww for me but the look in her eyes has terrified me! 

I'm absolutely freaking out and thinking the worst. I have 2 toddlers and can't bare thinking of what it might be! I'm still bleeding a bit buy thunk that's more from the speculum yesterday.

Would be so grateful for any advice.


  • Hi, have you changed your pill recently. I had the same previously a few months after giving birth and being put on a different form of the pill and was told it was cervical ectropion. I was told in my case is was down to the influx of hormones and given the mini pill instead. The Dr advised that it normally goes away on it's own but if not it could be removed by a loop procedure. So perhaps it's this. 

  • Thanks but alas no! I just can't work it out! I'm feeling panicked beyond belief! 

  • Sorry I can't be more helpful but if you're results from just August were clear I would try not to worry too much. Easier said than done I know x

  • Hi and welcome to the group.

    I can understand that you feel anxious, but try not to get carried away just yet! There’s much more likely to be a simple rather than sinister explanation going on here. It could be an ectropion where the cells that usually grow inside the cervix grow on the outside and look red. This can bleed on contact but is harmless. You could have a small cyst, again harmless, but you’ll need to wait for the appointment to know for sure. 

    I imagine you’re thinking of cervical cancer since you have posted in this group, but if you’ve had a recent clear smear then you should be reassured by that being fine. It’s impossible to say more until you have an examination, but my advice would be not to Google, and not to spend every minute panicking about something being very wrong before you know anything, and keep busy to distract your mind. I hope everything goes well at your appointment and you are reassured.

    Sarah xx

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