In disbelief

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site but need to reach out to someone.  After years of gynae problems, I ended up having surgery which also involved a cervical biopsy.  Whilst awaiting my results, my parents received the news that my mum had cervical cancer.  I was unaware of this as my parents wanted to wait until I got my results to ensure everything was okay.  

My surgery was a success & results fine.  This was 6 months ago & we are now at the stage whereby my mums cancer has spread rapidly, bladder, lungs (inside & outside) and bones.  It is untreatable and she is currently receiving palliative care.  I really feel in disbelief that it has come to this. We’re an extremely close family & it’s heartbreaking to watch.  I also feel guilty as my results were fine.  

  • Hi and welcome to our group.

    Your story is a very sad one, and it must be so difficult for your family to come to terms with everything. It’s very hard to find the right words because nothing can help take this away, but I hope that by reaching out you might find some comfort in speaking to others. 

    The community has other groups which might help you in addition to this one

    You are welcome to seek help and support in any of our groups, where others can understand what you are going through. How are you coping yourself? You say you had successful surgery which is very good news but guilt can be a very strong emotion to cope with. You may want to try phoning the Macmillan support line (number in my signature) to help you as you come to terms with what’s happening, or seek some counselling to work through your feelings. You are in a desperately difficult situation, and it can really help to talk those feelings through with someone. 

    I’m sure everyone in the group will really feel for you and empathise-please stay with us and keep talking if you feel that will help you. I hope your mum is comfortable, and I’m glad you have the support of being a close family.  You are very welcome to be with us. 

    Sarah xx

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