Hi everyone - new to this

Good afternoon you lovely people.

I find myself here due to a CC diagnosis at the beginning of August. 

I have been graded as 1b and will have a hysterectomy next month. I am absolutely beside myself with worry, had several meltdowns and would love to reach out to you lovely ladies who know exactly how I’m feeling. 

I’m petrified of the thought that between diagnosis and operation (8 weeks) it’s spread elsewhere although my consultant does not seem concerned about this!!

I would love to be able to support others and be supported through this horrendous time.


  • Hi LB22 and welcome to the group!

    It’s natural to be worried with any cancer diagnosis and the thought of surgery, so we’re all familiar with those kinds of feelings. In reality, although 8 weeks seems a long time, it really isn’t in terms of things changing between now and then. Most of us have had to wait for weeks for our treatment to start when we’ve not been able to have a hysterectomy, and while we fear about cancer spreading while we wait, this is not what happens, especially at stage 1b. If there was any concern about spread, the hysterectomy wouldn’t be able to be done, so take your consultant’s view as a positive!

    We’re all at different stages of the process in this group, so hopefully you’ll hear from other ladies who have had a hysterectomy. My cancer was too advanced for this, so like many of the ladies here I went through chemoradiation as my first line treatment. I have however had subsequent surgery so I know a bit about hospitals and operations! 

    You are very welcome to be with us, and please feel free to ask any questions, and use the group to chat, respond to other posts, or just vent. Lots of us have been through cervical cancer treatment and we’re all here for support and encouragement as you go through this.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Sarah

    Thank you for responding and sharing your story.

    I’m so sorry to hear that your cancer was advanced. What stage in your treatment/recovery are you currently?

    I am going through so many emotions, some awful, dark thoughts which I suppose anyone with a cancer diagnosis does! 

    I am having my ovaries removed as well so I will also go immediately into menopause. It would be good to hear from anyone who has also had this and what symptoms were like and how they managed them. 

  • Hi 

    If you click on my name you can read my full story, and see I am not having treatment at present. You may want to add your details to your profile too so that others can know where you are in the process and what has brought you to the community.

    It’s definitely an emotional time when you receive a cancer diagnosis, lots of ups and downs and I’m sure we’ve all experienced that, with the worry it brings. But you are fortunate to be able to have a hysterectomy, and hopefully that will be all that you’ll need.

    The group has been fairly quiet of late, but I’m hoping some of the ladies who have been through early menopause after surgery will come along and chat. 

    Sarah xx

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