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I am new to this group, I have endometriosis & had Vats surgery for endometriosis in my lungs/diaphragm, bladder surgery & three pelvic surgeries. I have had CN3 cell removal around 10 years ago, I have had smears that were fine & my last one 4 years ago. My cycle is always 4 days & on time, first day light, second & third really heavy & fourth light. But, this month I have been bleeding for 12 days solid with severe left leg pain mainly at night in which I have to soak in a bath in the early hours. I had a pelvic internal ultrasound back in March & a small cyst & suspected small endometriosis lesion was found, nothing has ever been found before through ultrasound, imaging, MRI or CT only ever found through surgery so I was shocked. I landed in A&E in January which was the worst time of my life, I was so sore I had to do my own swabs & they have been lost. I am 44 with no children due to endometriosis & having an internal on Monday after speaking with a doctor & bloods on Wednesday & also an MRI is being arranged to check for anything pushing on my leg nerves. Has anyone had long bleeding as I have never had this & have an extensive gynaecology history. 

thank you for reading 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m so sorry to read all you have gone through with the issues you have already experienced-that really sounds awful. In answer to your question, yes-I have had prolonged bleeding BUT my situation was different in that I was post menopausal so it can’t be compared with your own. 

    It can be very difficult to try and compare symptoms with others because there can be so many reasons for bleeding-some more serious than others of course-but I presume because you have joined this group you might be worried that you may have cervical cancer.

    The upcoming tests should give more information so it’s fortunate you don’t have to wait too long, and having several different tests will allow things to be ruled out. All these diagnostic processes are difficult to go through but hopefully you will get some answers from them before too long. There could well be an explanation other than cancer, so it’s just a case of sitting things out and waiting for your results. The gp may refer you to a gynaecologist, which would seem sensible given your history.

    You have already been through a tremendous amount so I very much hope that this is something which will have a straightforward solution for you. If you do get a cancer diagnosis, then there will be support for you here in the group as most of us have been through this and can share their experiences.

    I hope you’ll keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Have you got some family or friends around you who can help you or just be there to talk things through? You must be very worried to have had this ongoing bleeding, but perhaps your gp will be able to give you something to help? 

    You are very welcome to be with us in the group, and there will always be someone to try and help support you.

    Sarah xx

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