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You can't imagine how many times I have started writing a message and then deleted it....not sure what's going on with me, having a sort of rejection of anything to do with cancer, but I so wanted to say hi again and say how much I admire and empathise with what you (or we) are all going through.

I'm going through the wait after my six month scan and blood tests, will get the results next week. A bit scared as I have found it's really hard to tell what's going on with my body. My cancer was symptom-less, so now I don't really trust my body to let me know there's something wrong.

I love how so many people are positive and witty about their experiences and reading your posts on here helps me a lot, although it is terrifying at times.

And Sarah, you're amazing, I hope you know that.

Sorry to have been reading without replying or helping others, but I will try to do better,

Big hugs to all,


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    I’m so glad to hear from you again! I can understand why you would want to keep away from cancer stuff..people want to move away and move on. I get that. I hope you can find it within you to contribute again-I’m sure you can help the new ladies with your experience. i am obviously still here due to my role of community champ but I really value other ladies pitching in with their experiences. You have so much experience you can add to the group.

    I really hope that your scan is good and you have good results all round. 

    Sarah xx

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