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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing ok.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had the HPV vaccine post treatment. I had a radical hysterectomy in Sept 2022 and chemorad in Nov/ Dec 2022.  During my last follow up visit, the oncologist prescribed the HPV vaccine. A bit late, isn't it?? 

Anyway, I have obviously done it as she said it could help my body fight the virus better to avoid future problems.

Has anyone else had it?

Lots of love to all,


  • Hi  

    I haven’t had it and it wasn’t suggested to me but if it had been I would have. It can protect against certain new strains if you haven’t already been exposed to them and I seem to remember reading some research which said there was benefit even after treatment. Anything that helps has got to be good, right? 

    Hopefully others can let us know if they’ve had it after diagnosis/treatment.

    I hope you’re still doing well and enjoying life!

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi  

    I asked about the HPV vaccine as I would like anything that helps but my surgeon didn’t seem to think it would help. I may ask again as I worry HPV may cause me problems in other body areas! If it could help in any way then I would like it.

    i hope you are doing okxxx