Hip leg and foot pain

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Hi everyone 

I'm. New to. The forum.. 

I have stage 3 cervical and received chemo, radio and brachytherapy, completed in July 2022.. I've developed some late long term side effects. 

I'm curious if any one else  has been left with severe pain in their hips, shins and tops of their feet. I'm in agony. No pain relief meds work. The pain goes from 0 - 10 in severity in seconds in the front of both my shins and across the top of my feet. It's equal in severity. The only way I can describe the pain (and I know it sounds stupid) is like I've been smacked with something across the middle of my shins an the pain n my feet like I've dropped something heavy on the top of  them. 

Pain happens in both sides at once and is equally severe. It's Makin me miserable aim waking up crying and crying during the day as there's no relief. 

It's affecting my mobility. Struggle to walk and I'm actually stumbling over or fall from standing still no

  • Hi   and welcome to our group.

    I’m so sorry to read how difficult things are for you following your treatment-it certainly sounds very hard to deal with. 

    I do suffer with hip and lower back pain which has affected my mobility hugely, and I struggle to walk, but I had massive surgery post treatment so my situation is a little different and I am now registered disabled. 

    Can I ask what your doctor is doing to help? I’m presuming that you are still having regular follow up appointments with your consultant post treatment? Are you on prescribed pain relief? 

    I don’t feel there’s much discussion around late side effects in general, but they are very real for some of us. 

    Following a recent stay in hospital myself for an unconnected issue, I have discovered that we need to keep pushing and advocating for ourselves to avoid getting lost in the system and not getting the help we need. I would be getting back in touch with your consultant to explain how bad things are and how miserable it is making you. Some hospitals even have late effects clinics. Check to see if there is different pain relief which might help, or something like a referral to physio. Try and get a face to face appointment to discuss everything that’s going on. 

    I really hope that you can get some help, and soon. Please let us know how you get on.

    Sarah xx

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