Radiotherapy following hysterectomy and Chemotherapy

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I had stage 3 endometrial cancer. Have a hysterectomy followed by 5 sessions of chemotherapy. I had a really bad reaction to the first one and the team reduced the dose, but have had neuropathy and cystitis ever since.

I am due to start radiotherapy on Tuesday. The research that I have read seems to indicate that survival rates after 5 years,  between those who have radiotherapy and those that don’t is only 1%.

i am particularly worried about incurring more cystitis and am wondering whether to cancel as the risks of having it and impairing my quality of life seem quite large in terms of life expectancy.

has anyone else faced this decision?

  • Hi  and welcome to the group.

    I’m not sure if you are aware that there is a separate group for womb (endometrial) cancer? The reason I ask is that the treatment for cervical cancer for the ladies in this group is not the same as endometrial cancer.  If you click on this link it will take you to the group

    Womb cancer

    Radiotherapy is the main treatment for cervical cancer where surgery is not possible-a hysterectomy is only possible with early stage cervical cancer so most of the ladies here have radiotherapy along with chemotherapy as their first line treatment. It’s different for ladies in the womb group who typically have a hysterectomy first. You may find ladies in the womb group who have faced the same dilemma as you are facing.

    As we are not medical professionals, I don’t feel it is appropriate for any of us to comment on the benefits of radiotherapy, and I think it’s important to be guided by your team on the most appropriate treatment for you. However, I hope you can connect with some ladies in the womb group who might have a similar experience. 

    Sarah xx

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