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  • Hi AJ

    I don't know anything about your symptoms as I don't have any pain I just had a couple of postmenopausal spotting. But like you I didn't go for my smear for over 10 years so don't beat yourself up about it. And try not to read to much about what you could have until you know what the results are. You must look after yourself so make sure you eat and rest because if you you stay strong and positive you will get through this no matter what the results are 

    Fingers crossed you get a good result and you can always talk or ask anything on here

    All the best Heart


  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m sorry to have missed your post, as I’d like to try and help if I can. Would you like to come back to the group and see what we can do to help support you? We have a lovely group of very understanding ladies here, and it might help you if you can try to make another post. You are very welcome to be with us here, and we all try to help each other out where we can. 

    I hope we’ll see you again-please feel free to post anything you need to ask or say as there’s no judgement here and it’s a safe place to express your fears or worries. Take care.

    Sarah xx

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