Night sweats and chills after a radical hysterectomy

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I had a radical hysterectomy exactly 2 weeks ago now where they took everything aside from my ovaries.

I feel pretty good at two weeks post surgery. I'm not taking any pain medication, just enoxaparin injections In my stomach each night.

My incision no longer hurts at all and my insides are uncomfortable but not painful at all. I am no longer bleeding and I can walk about 10 mins a day down the road.

The only thing that's concerning me at the moment is the fact I wake up every few hours at night drenched in sweat but quite cold. After I eat lunch I also get bolts of shivers for 30 mins or so before they vanish and I feel alright again.

Is this normal? 

I'm paranoid my ovaries will fail and push me into the menopause. I had one hot flush in hospital which felt like I was on fire but none since. 

Anyone had similar?

  • Hi 

    Hopefully one of the ladies who has had the surgery will be able to share their experience. Sorry I can’t advise but my reply will get your post back to the top of the discussions where someone will hopefully see it. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi CJ86,

    I recently had a radical hysterectomy but they also removed my ovaries, so I was put on progesterone tablets immediately to stop me going into menopause.

    When I was in hospital, I also woke up most nights drenched in sweat and my skin felt incredibly oily. Since I got home that has subsided. Perhaps it would be a good idea to mention these symptoms when you have your next check up?


  • Thank you,

    I have already mentioned it to my Gynae team and they said it sounds hormonal but to wait until my appointment with my consultant which they are chasing as it is now overdue.