Radical hysterectomy to radiotherapy.

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Just looking for information and peoples personal experience.

My mum was diagnosed with stage 1B1 cervical cancer and had a radical hysterectomy on 3rd September also removing her Lymph Nodes. Op went as well as it could and recovery from the op also going well. mum went for her follow up today and results of biopsy from lymph nodes, they confirmed instead of initially thinking it was 4cm it was actually 5cm and had spread to her lymph nodes. Dr did say it may be quite possible that now there is no cancer but they are unable to tell. They have advised radiotherapy will be next, and said this will start in 8weeks, the delay due to healing from hysterectomy. My question is, Is 8 weeks a normal time, it just seems so long to wait and do nothing? Have other people also waited that amount of time and had positive results from it? Thanks in advance 

  • Hi Kirst,

    There is usually a wait between hysterectomy and further treatment to allow healing before the extra treatment starts, a hysterectomy takes a while heal from (I had one for womb cancer in 2017) and although I was mobile I was still healing internally and fatigued for a bit.

    Your mums team will be best placed to talk about her particular case but whilst you wait for replies here the helpline can hopefully give you some general advice on waiting times and national guidelines on 0808 808 0000. Alternatively, if you google the eve appeal they have a gynaecologist clinical nurse specialist that you can chat to. 

    Lots of love


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    Thanks for your response and information. Like I said just the anxiety of waiting now when in 8 weeks time it could be a lot worse. I'm just winding myself up and over thinking but hey I suppose we all do!

  • Hi Kirst,

    Its normal for anxiety to kick in when there isn't any active treatment happening, give the helpline a call tomorrow and they will hopefully  let you know what the recommended wait time between procedures is, that should hopefully put your mind at ease, or arm you with questions for your mums team.

    We all think that cancer is rampaging at a huge rate through our bodies but the reality is that it grows quite slowly. I went to my doctor in the February was diagnosed in June and didn't get my operation until the August, it was stressful waiting between my diagnosis and operation but my team were not concerned at all about my wait.

    The waiting is one if the worst parts of the process, we usually tell people to keep busy and distracted whilst they wait, keep doing the things you enjoy and make some nice memories with your mum so that the experience can be a positive one too.

    lots of love


  • Hi 

    I have nothing to add but just thought your reply was so sweet and supportive Heart️ 

    Angela x

  • Hi Kirst

    I had chemo-radiotherapy 7 weeks after my radical hysterectomy in 2017.  Earlier this year I was discharged from follow-up:  NED (no evidence of disease).

    I was diagnosed with stage 2A squamous cell cervical cancer (node negative) in 2017 following symptoms: persistent, watery, yellow vaginal discharge then post-menopuasal bleeding.  My treatment was a radical hysterectomy followed by chemo-radiotherapy.  My long term side effects include lymphoedema and urinary retention which I manage with intermittent self catheterisation.
  • Hi @Beth2

    It looks like the original poster didn’t come back to the group after making this post over 3 years ago-I can’t see any other posts from her. Hopefully everything went well for her mum, but it’s hard to know when people disappear.

    Sarah xx

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